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As many as you know, I took up running in 2015 and it has quickly become a passion of mine. My next goal is to get a Boston Qualifying time at the 2017 Chicago Marathon, to hopefully qualify and be accepted to the 2019 Boston Marathon (TWO YEARS FROM TODAY!)

I started Hal Higdon’s 30 week training program this time, to make sure I am doing all I can to be stronger for the Chicago Marathon and faster. I appreciate everyone who has been asking and the constant support. Instead of posting on social media every time I run, I figured a weekly recap would be less annoying for those who did not care.

I know I have to add some strength training this year  so I found something for now that works with my time constraints, I can do at home, and they are free. Tone It Up has a daily workout page with five moves and a video. I have been loving them! I also found Yoga With Adrienne‘s free yoga YouTube channel a year ago and can not get enough. She has videos for every mood, body need, time limit,whatever! I use her videos as my cool down and stretching since I am no good doing it on my own.

WEEK 5 #BostonBound2019

Monday: 3 mile easy run at 8:36 average pace, TIU daily workout, 20min yoga with Adrienne

Tuesday: 5 mile run 8:55 average  pace (extremely windy and not feeling it), TIU daily workout, 20min yoga with Adrienne

Wednesday: 5xHills (any hill .25 of a mile at any incline five times) 4.26 miles 8:47 average pace and 232 feet gain, TIU Daily Workout, 14 min yoga with Adrienne

Thursday: Treadmill 3 mile easy run 8:34 average pace, TIU Daily Workout, 31min Yoga With Adrienne

Friday: Long Run 8 miles 8:57 average pace, Yoga with Adrienne (runner cool down video) 18:00

Saturday: 35min Farlek 4.13 miles 8:29 average pace. I would alternate sprint around 7 min mile and then a slow jog 9 min mile in between fire hydrant/mail boxes, telephone poles  just depending on how I felt.

Some friends I found on my run. They were so cute and would walk up to the fence as I ran by.  Ironic since I found out this week that I am having issues with lactose….specifically ice cream, WHAT?! Sucks since a chocolate milkshake is my go to long run treat, but explains a lot about stomach pain I have been dealing with off and on for years that seems to be getting worse as of recent. Anyone have any dairy alternative ice cream they love?


Easter Sunday. REST and eat all the food!

Here is to week six, which looks like less miles and two rest days, yay!