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I am so excited to share another #bossmom story about overcoming/dealing the mom guilt and how she balances it all. Without sugar coating it for us 😉 If you missed our first post, check it out here, it is a must read! Let’s support each other in this crazy journey of being moms, and let’s be honest with ourselves and each other. We are not in this alone.


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People forget to tell you how hard motherhood is. It’s hard. I’ll tell you. I won’t sugar coat it!
You give yourself to this other person. This person becomes your first love (sorry husbands) and your best friend. This person can also make you cry, make you need to take an alone Target trip and make you pretend to poop for some bathroom alone time.
It sounds awful doesn’t it? But it’s the best feeling I’ve ever known! This person is my greatest accomplishment.
I’m a full time working mom and I don’t know how I do it some days. I go to work to help raise 25 children that don’t belong to me. I fix hairdos, tie shoes, teach manners, clean boo boos and scraped knees, and give out hugs all day. Then…I come home to a soon two year old! Who won’t sit still, decides to take out all of the toys and throws his dinner! I’m exhausted  and running on fumes by 7:30. You don’t have much time for you! I want to go to the gym, get my nails done and possibly get this unibrow waxed!
You get this sense of guilt to leave the house.  You want to be with this little person because he’s been at daycare all day while you’ve been at work and you don’t want to miss one simple thing he/she does.
So what do you do? You have to balance. My husband and I have got it down to a science. We give each other breaks. You go then I’ll go. It’s a 50/50 shared experience. He has to get out and do things just as much as I need to. If he knows next weekend I need a girls night then the following he’s watching football with the guys. And most importantly make time for each other! Date nights, movie nights at home or how about going to bed at the same time! Being near one another, it doesn’t matter how-just do it! Your relationship will thank you!
If you don’t have 50/50 marriage then you better start talking to your significant other.
So moms my best advice is to take one day at a time, “do you” at least once a week and take in every small moment with your little person–time goes by way to quick. Don’t blink!
KS-first grade teacher

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