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Miss Hazel was just as full of smiles at her 6 month session as she was at her 3 month session! And of course I had to stick her in the same box that I photographed her in at her newborn session, a bit tighter of a squeeze 😆.

Six month sessions always end up being some of the funnest milestones to shoot after newborn sessions because they are usually so happy and they have found their toes! It is just the sweetest thing ever to me when they get ahold of those little piggies and have to investigate them. Hazel wasn’t into sitting up on her own yet, but she did love her tootsies!

And how gorgeous is the wall in her room??!! Seriously couldn’t have asked for a better backdrop. It was perfect with the outfits that Mom picked out.

I can’t wait for her 9 month session when we will hopefully finally get to be outside!

Nicole ~ Cedar Lake 6 Month Session/GCP by Nicole