Meet the Team: Gina & Tom


Tom and I went to middle school together. Back then, we had no idea what the future would hold for us. We parted ways in high school. Tom went to the local public high school and I went to a private one. As fate would have it, our paths crossed again at a mutual friend’s house after we graduated. We’ve been together ever since. We have a daughter, Ava, son, Owen, and a beagle named Scotch.


To say we have a travel bug is an understatement. We love to travel. LOVE it. Our goal is to take our children to see as many national parks as we can before they turn 18. We have molded them into awesome little road trippers and hikers!


During the summer you will find us out back by our pool with friends and family. Those closest to us know that our door is always open. Nothing gives us more of a thrill than having our favorite people around. On the occasional night out together (alone)  we can be found noshing at a new Chicago restaurant or checking out a band at a small venue.


The Partnership:


Tom is a fireman and I started GCP after our first child was born. Babies and families were my first inspiration. By 2009 I had documented the occasional nuptials. It was around this time that I was asked to shoot a destination wedding in Mexico. I decided I wanted Tom to help me second shoot the wedding. The rest is history. With our feet in the warm sand and the crisp, blue waves crashing against the beach, I taught Tom how to photograph during the few days before the wedding took place. He had a natural eye and, more importantly, he fell in love with it.
As husband and wife, we feel we have the ability to read each other from across a room. We often know what the other is thinking and can anticipate actions and reactions. I know that when I’m crouched in the center of the aisle that I shouldn’t stand up too quick, because Tom is there, over my head, ready to capture your first kiss. Tom knows that I will make a cheesy joke to the groomsmen to get them to pay attention to me…and he will laugh even though he heard the same joke 100 times before. I know Tom needs to sneak a Sprite and some appetizers during cocktail hour to keep from getting…well…h-angry. We will both undoubtedly shed a tear during the father-daughter dance. We love working together. We truly believe that our marriage is stronger because of it. Being able to shoot a wedding, give 100% to preserving these life changing moments and getting to spend a day together has made us a resolute team.