FYI we are natural light photographers so your session has to be during daylight and we do not use backdrops)

How far out in advance are you booked?

Genrally 3-4 weeks for weekdays and could be months in advance for weekends.

I would like a {Fresh} Newborn session, how do I reserve a time?

Please contact us before your due date. The best time to photograph newborns is 7-10 days after birth. Most clients feel comfortable reserving a day 7-10 days after their due date. We do make a note of your due date and leave flex room in our schedule around your due date in case early or late arrivals.

What is “Couture” Photography?

Couture photography is  photography done especially for you and your family. It is your style, your emotion, your love, your connection. Couture photography is timeless. With couture photography there is no real posing. We are there to capture your family in the raw. Life as it is, the imperfections, the silly faces, the little details, the simple things…..the way you always want to remember these years. Sometimes that means you may not get a picture of your child looking and smiling, and that is perfectly okay.

When is the session fee due?

At the time of the session.

What is your outfit, time, and pose limit?

GCP has no pose limit and no strict time limit. We believe breaks (snack, potty, and just a little snuggle time) makes a session run even smoother.

Do you bring props and do you own all those hats I see on your site?

For newborns we do bring my own props, fabrics, and blankets. All of the hats have been handmade, please check out the vendor section in your info packet for more information on where you can find these perfect creations. Once the baby is starting to move around there is no longer a need for props, since the simple milestone images are the best.

I always thought you are not supposed to wear bold patterns and bright colors in photos, but I always see that on your site, what do you suggest? To us it depends on the age. Newborns till 6 months are best simple, just a diaper and hat/headband (if you wish). For kids we believe bright colors, bold patterns, mismatch tutus and tights, and bare feet are the best. When you book a session we will help you with styling and go over all the clothing details. We have different suggestions for clothing for families depending on if it is a newborn session, inside session, and outdoor session. This we go over at the time of booking.

What if my child is not cooperating?

Happens to the best of us! If your child is truly not feeling our session that day, we can make the call within the first 30 minutes of the session to reschedule. We understand 100% having  toddlers ourselves. We do ask though, that if your child is out of sorts that morning to reschedule, it is not worth the fight. Also do not schedule a session on the day your child gets his/her shots or a doctor appointment.

What if it is raining?

If we see there is a good chance of rain before our session we will contact you in advance to set a rain date.

How long after my session can I expect to see my images?

Patience is a virtue my friends 😉 Your gallery will be posted 2-3 weeks after your session. We do our absolute best to get a sneak peek up for you ASAP on the blog.

Why does it take so long to see my images?

One of the obvious reasons, we work from our homes and we have small children at home. The other is we edit each and every image we show you as if we were going to hang it in our own homes. Your photos, your family, is an art to us. We do not take this lightly. You do not see an image unless we think it is perfectly your child/family. We spend 5-20 minutes on each image, we show you 35 images, you do the math. We work on each client in the order we take the pictures. We do not “bump” anyone ahead in line. If you are in an absolute rush, please inquire about the rush edit fee.

What type of payments do you accept?

Cash and Check

How long does my gallery stay posted?

Two weeks. We ask that you please be repectful of this two week limit on your gallery. The more galleries we have posted the more space that is taken up on the website. We will not be able to post other galleries or get mail if there are too many posted at once. If you need more time after the two weeks please contact us and let me know, there may be a fee for reposting your gallery after the two weeks.

How do I order? You can call us and we can discuss over the phone,  we can email you an order form or you can order basic prints and products directly from your gallery.

Do you offer the digital images, do I get the copyrights, and is there a purchase minimum before I can buy the digital images?

~Yes we do offer the digital images. The images on the disk are all high resolution. On the disk will also be a PDF with the rights to print, and printing tips. With the printing release you are allowed unlimited printing for personal use. Gina Cristine Photography still retains the full copyright to all photos. This means you can not use the images for profit, commercial endeavors, competitions, or professional display. If you would like to use the photos for any of these reasons please contact Gina to discuss. ~There is no minimum purchase before you purchase the CD

I right clicked some images off your site for my facebook page (or any other reason). You don’t mind…..do you?

Yes, we do mind if you did not contact us first. The images on my site are protected by copyright laws under Gina Cristine Photography Inc. We will be more that happy to send you a web ready (low resolution and watermarked) image for your blog or social networking page. Please just ask, and all we ask is that you do not crop out  our watermark. You may see some clients that have their images tagged on facebook. First of all they asked, they have to be personal friends with Gina for me to tag them (I do not know why), and/or they pre paid for their digital images. If you purchase the digital images, please feel free to post them on the web. We do warn you that they are very large photos and it may take a while to upload.

I have some editing changes I would like to see, what is your policy on this?

We will do editing changes (up to three) within the first two weeks your gallery is posted. This means images from black and white to color or vice versa. We do not mind doing this for you but we do ask that you remain within reason with your requests and the time (within the first two weeks of viewing your gallery) you do make requests.

How long do you hold onto my photos?

We will hold on to the original files for 6 months (these are the straight out of camera images). After 6 months we will no longer be able to change a black and white image to color and some other editing techniques. We hold on to the images you saw in your gallery for one year.

What is your cancellation policy?

We ask you try your best to contact us in a respectable amount of time. To go into the city and up north we may have to leave two hours in advance. But we do understand things happen with work and illness. We have children of our own and understand things happen.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of photography there are no refunds on any service or product