I have received numerous requests for mentoring from aspiring photographers. I have been shooting professionally since 2008, everything from newborns to weddings. As photographers and artist we are always growing and learning, obviously myself included. But I do believe I can share my experiences and tips with those just starting out.

I figured a one-on-one mentoring is the best way to go, so I can personalize each session for each individual photographer’s needs.



3 hours total in the Frankfort area with Gina

First 60-90 minutes will be spent chatting about whatever you like. Some topic examples:

~business (starting and  growing)~shooting ~editing ~camera how to~marketing ~balancing life and work ~portfolio critique

Second 60-90 minutes will be spent on a shoot together. You can choose the type of shoot you would like*

Follow up phone call or meeting at the studio within the month to go over what you learned and if you have any additional questions. A photo critique can be included from the photo session we did together.

*excludes newborns. If you are interested in newborn mentoring then the price is an additional $500 and the second half of our session will be 3 hours of shooting a newborn.

If interested, please contact Gina @

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  1. Season Jabcon said:

    It’s so funny that you posted this! I was just talking to my cousin this morning about the lack of photographers in our area. I would love to start a side business. I have so many ideas for shoots!

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