As a Monee newborn photographer I was lucky enough to be one of the first ones to meet the newest member of our firehouse family.  Miss S was just a dream to photograph!

She absolutely rocked every set up.  I loved incorporating things from Mom and Dad’s wedding as well as being able to capture all the little details that were important to them.  My favorite part might have been sneaking in cuddles with this sweet little squish in between set-ups too.  How could you not fall in love with her sweet little face?!?!

This sweet lady already has lots of people wrapped around her little fingers.  She is for sure going to be a heart breaker when she grows up.

Welcome to the family Miss S!

Nicole ~ Monee Newborn Photographer/Gina Cristine Photography

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When your bestie lives in Fort Wayne, it automatically turns you into a Fort Wayne photographer.  My last visit happened to coincide with Mr. J turning 2 and Mr. R turning 3 months.  I just loved being able to play and have fun with them and pick up my camera here and there.

J is like any other 2 year old that is constantly on the go so what better place to go than to a park nearby and let him do his thing.  He had fun running up and down hills, swinging from branches and playing on bridges and I was there to capture it all.

R on the other hand was much easier seeing as though his non mobile.  He must have been really excited to see me because he was full of non-stop smiles and I couldn’t get enough of him!  His chunky rolls are just the best.

Nicole ~ Fort Wayne Photographer/Gina Cristine Photography

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I always love when I instantly click with new clients as a Frankfort family photographer.  The D Family was no exception.  They were so sweet and I loved that they included their fur baby in some family pictures.

Miss A is just as cute as they come!  She was so photogenic and had the best smile.  It felt like a session flew by so fast and I can’t wait to see them again.

Nicole ~ Frankfort Family Photographer/Gina Cristine Photography

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Confession, I haven’t been to Ruby Jane since November. Tom has gone and has got some MAJOR work done. These first groups of photos are ones he took with his phone while building the from dinette / bed. I am so proud of him for doing this himself! P I N this to pinterestHere are pictures from this week. Everything is bolted down and set for cushions. Time to go upholstery shopping! The hydraulic stand is so nice, and easily converts our dinning room into our bedroom.P I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterest

Tom also started building the bathroom. I love how roomy it actually feels. P I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterest
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Things are getting so real and exciting, I got chills stopping by there and seeing it all come together.

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