So I just have to share my favorite idea this year from Kelly of Enjoying the Small Things. This post has inspired me to do the same this year for Ava and Owen. We have a great holiday book collection to begin with, and we keep them packed away withe the holiday decor so they are exciting to see every year. I only needed a few to add to the collection, so I used Kelly’s idea of the used books on Amazon to purchase some new books (HELLO $0.01 books!). I also used her book list of suggestions of her favorites to add to ours.

Some of our favorites are Auntie Claus, The Jolly  Christmas Postman, Polar Express, Fancy NancyOne Winter’s Day (an excellent story to teach compassion)….

Who are we kidding, we love every single one, and we can not wait to read the new additions!

holiday-countdown_0324P I N this to pinterest

Ava and Owen are so excited to start unwrapping and reading the special instructions each day. My paper is not as pretty as Kelly’s and my handwriting can use some serious help, but the kids can not wait.

holiday-countdown_0325P I N this to pinterest

The extra twist to this advent countdown, is the special instructions every day. Kelly has some absolute fabulous ideas on her blog post. Some things our family are doing: make hot chocolate to drink while we read, get flashlights and read the book outside, read at Grandma and Grandpas house, Facetime and read to friends and they will read a book back, make a fort to read in, read the book then watch the movie, read in Ava’ s bed, read with candy canes, and more.

holiday-countdown_0326P I N this to pinterest

Thank you Kelly for sharing and please visit her blog for her  list of 24 favorite books, her ideas for adding a twist onto each day, and ways she suggests you can have a new book every day without breaking the bank.

Drury Lane Wedding

drury-lane-wedding_0250P I N this to pinterest

You know when you meet  people and you instantly like them? as if you should have been friends already. Ashley and Matt made Tom and I feel that way. We loved getting to know them over the past year and see their love for each other, their family, and friends first hand. These two set a perfect example of having what it takes for a great marrage.

The wedding day was nothing short of stunning. Shades of blush, romantic flowers, and sparkle. Ashley was gorgous and glowing the entire day as well as all her lovely girls.

Scroll on through to see Ashley + Matt’s perfect wedding day.

Ashley + Matt, we could not be more honored to have been a part of your wedding day. We loved every minute and know you two are a perfect match. We wish you nothing but your very own happily ever after! So much love, Gina + Tom

drury-lane-wedding_0152P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0153P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0154P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0155P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0156P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0157P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0158P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0159P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0160P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0161P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0162P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0163P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0164P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0165P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0166P I N this to pinterest

drury-lane-wedding_0167P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0168P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0169P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0170P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0171P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0172P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0173P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0174P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0175P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0176P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0177P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0178P I N this to pinterest

drury-lane-wedding_0179P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0180P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0181P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0182P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0183P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0184P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0185P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0186P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0187P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0188P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0189P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0190P I N this to pinterest

drury-lane-wedding_0191P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0192P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0193P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0194P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0195P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0196P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0197P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0198P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0199P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0200P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0201P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0202P I N this to pinterest

drury-lane-wedding_0203P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0204P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0205P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0206P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0207P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0208P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0209P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0210P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0211P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0212P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0213P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0214P I N this to pinterest

drury-lane-wedding_0215P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0216P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0217P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0218P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0219P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0220P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0221P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0222P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0223P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0224P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0225P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0226P I N this to pinterest

drury-lane-wedding_0227P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0228P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0229P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0230P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0231P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0232P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0233P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0234P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0235P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0236P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0237P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0238P I N this to pinterest

drury-lane-wedding_0239P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0240P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0241P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0242P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0243P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0244P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0245P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0246P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0247P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0248P I N this to pinterest

drury-lane-wedding_0249P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0251P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0252P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0253P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0254P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0255P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0256P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0257P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0258P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0259P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0260P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0261P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0262P I N this to pinterest

drury-lane-wedding_0263P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0264P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0265P I N this to pinterest

drury-lane-wedding_0266P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0267P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0268P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0269P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0270P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0271P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0272P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0273P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0274P I N this to pinterest

drury-lane-wedding_0275P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0276P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0277P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0278P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0279P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0280P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0281P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0282P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0283P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0284P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0285P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0286P I N this to pinterest

drury-lane-wedding_0287P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0288P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0289P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0290P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0291P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0292P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0293P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0294P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0295P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0296P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0297P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0298P I N this to pinterest

drury-lane-wedding_0299P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0300P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0301P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0302P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0303P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0304P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0305P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0306P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0307P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0308P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0309P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0310P I N this to pinterest

drury-lane-wedding_0311P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0312P I N this to pinterest

and then they danced the night away….drury-lane-wedding_0313P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0314P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0315P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0316P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0317P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0318P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0319P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0320P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0321P I N this to pinterest

So humbled that we got to be apart of all of these beautiful girl’s weddingsdrury-lane-wedding_0322P I N this to pinterestdrury-lane-wedding_0323P I N this to pinterest

Ashley + Matt’s day was perfection thanks to the following creative team:

Wedding Coordinator: Gina One Fine Day

Ceremony: Wilder Gardens

Reception: Drury Lane

Makeup and Hair: Sonia Roselli

Photography: Gina Cristine Photography

Cake: Groom’s Grandmother

Florals:  An English Garden Kim

Wedding at CD + Me

wedding-at-cd-and-me_0112P I N this to pinterest

Jennifer and Jeff had a beautiful summer wedding at CD + Me blending both their families together. A night filled with love and laughter.

Jennifer + Jeff, we are so honored you chose us to photograph your wedding. We wish you nothing but your own happily ever after! So much love, Gina + Tom

wedding-at-cd-and-me_0028P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0029P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0030P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0031P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0032P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0033P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0034P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0035P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0036P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0037P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0038P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0039P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0040P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0041P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0042P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0043P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0044P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0045P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0046P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0047P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0048P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0049P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0050P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0051P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0052P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0053P I N this to pinterest

wedding-at-cd-and-me_0054P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0055P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0056P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0057P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0058P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0059P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0060P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0061P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0062P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0063P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0064P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0065P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0066P I N this to pinterest

wedding-at-cd-and-me_0067P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0068P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0069P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0070P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0071P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0072P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0074P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0075P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0076P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0077P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0078P I N this to pinterest

wedding-at-cd-and-me_0079P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0080P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0081P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0082P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0083P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0084P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0085P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0086P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0087P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0088P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0089P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0090P I N this to pinterest

wedding-at-cd-and-me_0091P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0092P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0093P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0094P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0095P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0097P I N this to pinterest

wedding-at-cd-and-me_0096P I N this to pinterest

wedding-at-cd-and-me_0098P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0099P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0100P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0101P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0102P I N this to pinterest

wedding-at-cd-and-me_0103P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0104P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0105P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0106P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0107P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0108P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0109P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0110P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0111P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0113P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0114P I N this to pinterest

wedding-at-cd-and-me_0115P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0116P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0117P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0118P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0119P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0120P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0121P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0122P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0123P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0124P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0125P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0126P I N this to pinterest

wedding-at-cd-and-me_0127P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0128P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0129P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0130P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0131P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0132P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0133P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0134P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0135P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0136P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0137P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0138P I N this to pinterest

wedding-at-cd-and-me_0139P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0140P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0141P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0142P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0143P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0144P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0145P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0146P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0147P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0148P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0149P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0150P I N this to pinterestwedding-at-cd-and-me_0151P I N this to pinterest

This beautiful day was brought together by the following creative team:

Ceremony and Reception: Cd + Me

Hair and Makeup: MacKenzie Hair Parlor

Florals: Green Glen-Amanda

Cake: Creative Cake

Photography: Gina Cristine Photography

wallpaper Reveal | 1971 Airstream Remodel

1971-airstream-remodel_0003P I N this to pinterest

Tom reminded me that I have been s-l-a-c-k-i-n-g on my Ruby Jane the Airstream posts! So today is a BIG one! Since last time I posted we have painted the shiplap, hung the wallpaper, installed the sink, burner, furnace, and Tom found the coolest steam punk lights. I am not a huge steampunk person, but these lights just seem to fit so perfectly.

Without further delay, I will give credit where credit is due and you can check out all that is new 🙂

Shiplap: New Lenox Lowes Home Improvement

Wallpaper: Blooming Wall

Cook Top: Atwood from Vintage Trailers

Butcher Block: Ikea

Sink: Franke from Lowes

Faucet: Lowes

Thermostat: Honeywell from Lowes

LED Ceiling Lights: Vintage Trailer

Steampunk Inspired Sconces:  Sconces: Efine, Light Bulb: Low Voltage , Cage Efine

1971-airstream-remodel_0001P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-remodel_0002P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-remodel_0004P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-remodel_0005P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-remodel_0006P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-remodel_0007P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-remodel_0008P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-remodel_0009P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-remodel_0010P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-remodel_0011P I N this to pinterest

Tom recycled the original hinges for counter top extension1971-airstream-remodel_0012P I N this to pinterest

1971-airstream-remodel_0013P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-remodel_0014P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-remodel_0015P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-remodel_0016P I N this to pinterestwallpaper reveal | 1971 airstream revealP I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-remodel_0018P I N this to pinterestwallpaper reveal | 1971 airstream revealP I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-remodel_0020P I N this to pinterestwallpaper reveal | 1971 airstream revealP I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-remodel_0022P I N this to pinterest

The furnace was brand new and never used when we purchased the airstream. It had not even been installed yet.  1971-airstream-remodel_0023P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-remodel_0024P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-remodel_0025P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-remodel_0026P I N this to pinterest1971-airstream-remodel_0027P I N this to pinterest

Mr V is pretty happy to be 3 months old!  Hen made being a Frankfort Milestone Photographer seem so easy.  I dare you not to fall in love with this cute chunk of a guy.  So happy and full of smiles.  He flew through his session just like he did his newborn.

Big sister M was on hand to help getting the big smiles out of him too.  I just love watching my clients grow through their first year!

Nicole ~ Frankfort Milestone Photographer/Gina Cristine Photography

V 3 month milestone_0006P I N this to pinterestV 3 month milestone_0005P I N this to pinterestV 3 month milestone_0004P I N this to pinterestV 3 month milestone_0003P I N this to pinterestV 3 month milestone_0002P I N this to pinterestV 3 month milestone_0001P I N this to pinterest