Miss Hazel was just as full of smiles at her 6 month session as she was at her 3 month session! And of course I had to stick her in the same box that I photographed her in at her newborn session, a bit tighter of a squeeze 😆.

Six month sessions always end up being some of the funnest milestones to shoot after newborn sessions because they are usually so happy and they have found their toes! It is just the sweetest thing ever to me when they get ahold of those little piggies and have to investigate them. Hazel wasn’t into sitting up on her own yet, but she did love her tootsies!

And how gorgeous is the wall in her room??!! Seriously couldn’t have asked for a better backdrop. It was perfect with the outfits that Mom picked out.

I can’t wait for her 9 month session when we will hopefully finally get to be outside!

Nicole ~ Cedar Lake 6 Month Session/GCP by Nicole

What a sweet Downers Grove newborn session this was with Mr R! He was only awake long enough to get one adorable photo of his big bright eyes and then was out like a light.

Big sister came in to check on him every once in awhile and of course took so cute sibling photos with him. I remember Miss E being just as perfect for her newborn session as well.

I always love watching the first kids take on their new rolls as big sister/brother 💕

Nicole ~ Downers Grove Newborn Session/GCP by Nicole

I can’t believe that it was time to already shoot Mr C’s smash cake session! This year has flown by for me and I know even more so for Mom and Dad.

He was the cutest little lumberjack I ever saw and the buffalo plaid theme for his cake smash and Birthday party were so adorable! Mom did an excellent job making his cake even if she didn’t realize she was putting a trendy “crumb coat” layer of frosting on it 😆

While Chase refused to stand up for his session he did manage to dig into his cake and turn the frosting into body paint for some super cute photos. He also decided to wait for Mom to write the sweetest Birthday post about him including that he hadn’t started walking yet only to start walking literally minutes after she posted! 😂 He always full of surprises and I love being there to watch them all happen.

Happy First Birthday Chase!

Nicole ~ Lockport Smash Cake Session/GCP by Nicole

It’s that time of year again!!

Bunny mini sessions are always a huge hit and I always look forward to them. Once again my good friends at Buzzes and Beehives are gracious enough to host this mini session.

They will be 20 minute sessions and you will receive 10-15 fully edited images. Session price is $225.

These sessions always book up extremely quickly so please email me at nicole@ginacristinephotography.com to secure your spot.

I can’t wait to see everyone again!

Nicole ~ Bunny Mini Sessions/GCP by Nicole

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