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when a good friend of mine from high school approached me to photograph the Fight For Air Climb for the American Lung Association, i could not answer fast enough. nothing is more exciting than photographing an event where people are doing something for others. the energy level at these events is so high. this particular event was at the Oak Brook Tower and men, women, firefighters, police personal of all ages climbed 31 floors to raise money for the ALA. it was incredibly inspiring and emotional to hear the stories and watch everyone face the climb with determination. some climbed more than once! and to see the firefighters climb in full gear took my breath away. watching this gave me no excuses why i could not do this myself.

a huge thank you to Maggie Cuprisin and Heather Warthen for helping me out at the top of the tower, documenting the moments the climbers finished. i will post a blog on their images soon.

the weekend before one of the largest snow falls we have seen, the weather was mild. well, mild for us chicagoans. i met the B family at one of my favorite outdoor spots for a lovely winter session. R is six months, and i was so excited when the family was game to do some outdoor shots with the perfect white snow. R is so adorable with her big brown eyes and pretty little lips. she was so content being outside!

thank you B family for trusting me and putting your sweet baby girl out in the snow!

as an artist in a overly saturated industry (lets face it), it is hard to stand out. to feel unique. to feel creative. it is so easy to see what the norm (or trend) is and just follow along. to be “inspired” by another artist, but forgetting to make something our own.

we all can start to look the same even though there is so much underneath

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i get emails and messages from friends all the time “did you see who is a photographer now?” or “omg her work (or blanket, hat, position) looks just like yours!!” and my answer is yes. i am fully aware of my surroundings. that is business right? to know your “competition”? social networking has made it very easy to see what everyone is up to. my friend’s next question would be “how do you feel about that?” and really, my answer is fine. that is the nature of business and art. as long as someone is being inspired, but MAKING IT THEIR OWN. i am fine and more power to them for following their dreams. i am following mine with great force.

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for a while i was not fine. i got sucked into a black hole on facebook of “watching” what everyone was doing. getting upset and frankly un inspired. it is very easy to get into that negative and self defeating slump. “i am not that good” “i am not that busy” “well it seems clients like that processing style more than mine” and spiraling down as an artist i went. thank God i quickly snapped out of it and remember what an artist is. art is personal. and people love my work for who i am and what i create, not by doing what everyone else is doing. so i had to hide a lot on facebook. not to be rude, just to make sure i stay focused and on my path as an individual.

i started to peel back layers to find myself as an artist

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i started to look for inspiration in nature, magazines, my life and family and of course clients, and it is working really well. i am in a content place. but not quite in the exact place i want to be. i have a bit of “photographer” block if you will. maybe because it is late winter and just dull out. but maybe because i am ready for something new.

feeling something coming on the other day, i took myself to the dr. to get started on antibiotics. because i walked in, i had a long wait. i sat there and searched my i pad for something new to read. i came across The Artist’s Way A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron. i briefly looked around the site and downloaded the sample of the i book to see if it is something i would enjoy.

finally last night i started reading. the first line page 15 (introduction to the tenth anniversary edition of the artists way) says

ART IS  A SPIRITUAL transaction.

Artists are visionaries. We routinely practice a form of faith, seeing clearly and moving toward a creative goal that shimmers in the distance- often visible to us, but invisible to those around us. Difficult as it is to remember, it is our work that creates the market, not the market that creates our work.

and a layer fell back

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sign me up! that is all i needed to read. i already want to hear julia speak and have a cup of coffee with her.  The Artist’s Way is a 12 week program julia created to help artists or any one seeking creative help  ” ‘unblock’ and ‘get back on their feet’ after a creative injury” (page 18). she created workshops and wrote this book to help anyone nurture and grow their creativity using faith and spirituality. she encourages “creative clusters” to take the journey together.

so that is why i am blogging. who wants to take this journey with me? photographers, writers, painters, stay at home moms, lawyers…doesn’t matter. it is a personal, spiritual, creative journey. who is ready to peel the layers back and reveal and find their creativity using faith and spirituality?

unsure?…just go to the website and search around a bit. make time to read this.

if you are ready then meet me here Monday February 14th to start week one: Recovering a Sense of Safety. i ordered my journal, morning pages, and artist date book. you have enough time to get a copy of the book and read the intro to be ready for week one.

lets take this journey together. listen to each other’s stories of recovering  and discovering our creative selves.

i would love for everyone to comment below on their thoughts or perhaps link to their own blog as they start this journey as well.

start peeling your layers, find out what lies beneath…

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  • Lindsay

    This is fantastic Gina! I am definitely thinking about getting the book! I need something new and lively and this just might do it for me!

    PS. I LOVE ALL OF THE ORANGE PICTURES!!! My favorite color and fruit! ;o)ReplyCancel

  • great inspiration & great imagery……ReplyCancel

  • maggie

    Gina! I have the book on my bookshelf…I ordered it a while back and never started reading it…great minds think alike! :)) you just inspired me to read it!!ReplyCancel