Cute B’s mom and I go way back….way back to early mornings and cold air.

We skated together, and have not seen each other in years. Once again FB brought me back to an old friend.

I loved meeting her adorable little girl and had a blast catching up.

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  • Julianne

    Awww these are adorable! What a small world that you girls were friends back in the day and Brooke is my 2nd cousin! Great job Gina on all the photographs. Brooke is getting so big! Hope all is well for you both.ReplyCancel

  • Aubrey

    Gina they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! You are so talented.. I can’t wait to put them in a frame ๐Ÿ™‚ReplyCancel

Sweet little { I} was just a delight to work with.{ I} has the most precious personality and beautiful eyes. She braved the cold to play with the perfect colored leaves in her adorable little mittens and hat. She even took some steps with shoes on! I was not a fan of walking with shoes before our session.

The whole R family is lovely inside and out and their love for each other just glows in these images. They made my job so easy.

To have a family that completely believes in me and art is such an honor, thank you R family for having me document your sweet little girl!

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I love photographing friend’s from high school! It is so fun to see each other after these eleven years and meet their precious families.

And precious is not even the best word to describe these two sisters. So much personality and beauty inside and out. I had a blast catching up and photographing them. Plus the backdrop outside could not have been more perfect!

Thank you W family for having me document your family this year and for already booking for next year!

M I can’t wait to get a playdate together! I promise right after this craziness ends……

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  • Michelle

    I can’t thank you enough for all of our beautiful pictures. You captured Sarah and Emily’s personalities perfetly. And I didn’t think we would get any smiley pics with Emily b/c she jsut kept staring at the camera! And I was so happy to see so many cute expressions you caught of her.. You really outdid yourself. They are better than I ever hoped for. Now my only problem is picking which ones to frame. My friends are already asking for your info! I”m glad we already have our date for next year ๐Ÿ™‚ I also want you to do a one year shoot with Emily in May. We can talk about that later ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you, Thank you!!!
    xoxoxox MichelleReplyCancel

  • Alison Bigane

    The shot of Sarah holding Emily’s head is surely a framer. Such tenderness! xo AlisonReplyCancel

  • Jana Miller

    These are such amazing pics! I love them all…Shell, how are you going to pick your favorites? You and your girls are beautiful (and Matt)!
    Gina, you truly have a gift. We had a newborn session with Tara Kennedy. I wish you two were around when we were married…the two of you as a wedding photography team = perfection! – JanaReplyCancel

A couple weeks ago I toyed with an idea I have been wanting to do. Something that would force me to use my camera more for my family and my art. I know you all think I love taking pictures of people, and I do! But I also like the details. That is what always lured me to photography even as a young girl. It was the details that most people miss.

My idea was to photograph every detail of my day, one day a week. No matter what that may show or how true it may be. Meaning, my dusty house, my unwashed hair, a grainy photo, or maybe even soft focus image.

So I did this one day, it was hard. Too hard for me to stick to. Especially right now when I have a to do list so long it makes me kind of sick to my stomach. Then I fead this and was inspired.

Plus I am revamping the blog and site {possibly even new site with better private galleries} so I am trying to coordinate and start slowly showing the new look. So please pardon any changes you may see or if portions of the main site are down. I am creating new galleries of my work and because so many pictures from this past month are SO awesome, I am just going to wait to unveil those after Christmas just in time for the new year.

But one new thing to the blog this year will be my family {sooc} SOOC means straight out of camera. It is when the image goes untouched and it is in its real form. Granted I may touch up the photos a tad, but they are real and my life, my family. It will be {hopefully} one image a day and the story behind it. I have a confession

I rarely print any of my personal photos. Come to my home…you will see. It is so sad. That is a new year resolution for me.

I am starting this one month early because I hope to make a coffee table book out of these images for Christmas next year. Therefore it will go 12/1/10-12/1/11 so I have time to print the book.

This is not a great photo, that is not what it is all about. I literally opened the door and shot. Praying to the camera god’s I guessed the right setting.

I think I do need to frame that coffee image for my kitchen though….

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  • Nicole

    That’s a great picture, Gina! A stretchy little girl with a predictable request. Love it. =)ReplyCancel

  • Paula

    We are on the same mission! My HD and laptop were left behind on vaca. I literally freaked the you-know-what out. Every single image of my boy’s lives are on them. I won’t see it for a few more days because my husband is backing-up the recent stuff remotely (and slowly). So, I have 34MB of memory cards that I am filling up with the details. I have lists of layflat books I’m going to print for my boys and family. And I will start printing my most precious images when they are back in my hands. Good luck to both of us on our most important projects. xoReplyCancel

  • Erin

    Such a great idea. You may have inspired more than just yourself! Great job!ReplyCancel

  • Mimi

    Wow…I just started my 365 project last night. I tried to do it before and when u have a full time job, a 2 yr old, a husband that you treat just like the 2 yr old and on top of that trying to start a photography business….IT GETS HARD! Good luck and please wish me the same so I can stick to it this time !ReplyCancel

  • I’m definitely not making an everyday commitment but I am making a commitment to photographing the details of the kiddos and our lives at least a few days a week ๐Ÿ™‚ReplyCancel