I am not a fan of the word resolution. I don’t stick to them very well. So maybe this year I will make promises to myself. It is a lot more disappointing to break a promise then resolution.

stick to my sooc project to keep documenting the kids

make ALOT more time for my family

bring GCP to the next level

concentrate on my own art and not dwell on what is going on around me

and loose that baby weight

What are your promises?

Thank you all for the support, love, and new friendships this year. I know you have many options, and the fact that you keep retuning to GCP keeps me going and growing.  All of your families have left their imprints on my heart.

as Jeremy Irons said

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Have a happy and safe New Year’s. Display your memories and follow your dreams in 2011!

With Love,

Gina, Tom, Ava & Owen

  • Wow Gina, I swear we have the same “promises” lol.
    We really need to hang out! 🙂ReplyCancel

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to everyone!

I sit here today feeling relieved as I made it through another Holiday season. My family and I have no plans today and it feels amazing. We are so looking forward to Ava really getting into the spirit this year and Owen celebrating his first Christmas.

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As I look at my marvelous GCP client card tree that Jennifer Finn gave me, I feel so humble and blessed at all the lovely families I worked with this year. Well over 100 of you! Thank you to everyone who used their GCP images and sent me your Holiday card.

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As I regroup these next few days, enjoy the Holiday, and finish up some mid December clients; I am also planning 2011. The newborn studio will be opening and more mini sessions will be available. I will  be bringing an assistant on every newborn session. I am also working on a new site, with more efficient slideshows and shopping carts. As always, I promise to bring my clients custom lifestyle photography, with timeless images and memories. No backdrops {except for newborns of course} just your life, your art, your family. GCP will continue to be a boutique photography business and give you beautiful quality  products and photos, always wrapped with a fuchsia silk ribbon 😉 Your images will always be edited and crisp to remain timeless looking for hanging on your walls for years.

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Also new to 2011, is a set schedule I am creating for myself. I will only be booking a certain number of sessions a week as to make sure my family comes first, and my turnaround time stays efficient. I am currently testing an online booking system. If I love it, you will be able to book your appointment yourself! Furthermore, I will  be taking next December off except for newborns and maternity and a few of my milestone babies. Please keep this in mind when scheduling holiday photos for 2011. Weekends are going fast for 2011 already! Thank you to all who are planning ahead, and returning year after year to GCP.

I am so excited for 2011 and to see what else is to come, as well as an exciting charity project with the Lisa Klitzky Foundation. And, I plan on continuing my personal project of a photo a day My Life {sooc}.

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Enjoy your Holidays and your families and remember to use your cameras!

Thank you all a million times over for making 2010 a huge year for GCP, I feel so blessed by the amazing friendships that have blossomed with my clients, and watching your families grow.

With Love,

GCP and Family