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Our social media world is all about beautiful imagery. We want to see pretty images, with beautiful light, inviting textures, happy faces and puppies, and yummy food. I know my forte is not in my writing (copy), but in my images. As of late, I have been discussing this with many other creatives and professionals. As much as there is a need for a copywriter, I believe there is a need for the artists to help with the imagery to catch your client, potential client, or readers attention.
Today I created another freebie, handcrafted stock image, for you to use on your social media, blog, websites, newsletter, or wherever you want to make your corner of the internet pretty! Whoever you are and whatever your do 🙂
Snag this pretty desk flat lay here

St. Patrick’s Day Styled Stock Photo

It’s Friday and St, patrick’s Day?! I am not Irish, but that is the best part of St Pat’s Day…every one is Irish today!

I hope your desk is scattered with lucky charms (just the marshmallows), and then I hope your evening is full of green cocktails.

Also, as a special little gift, I created a few St. Patrick’s Day themed stock photos for you to use! You can download them and
~Post to social media
~Use in your newsletter
~Add to your website
~Add text, product, or a filter to match your brand/style
~Crop to specific details
~If you use please #GCPStock so I can see how you use them and make them your own

Just do NOT
~Sell in any way
~Use the photos in any sort of art to use and or sell
Remember they are still Copyright Gina Cristine Photography, and stealing is bad.

Download your free Styled St. Patrick’s Day stock images here

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How adorable is this Burr Ridge newborn?  Mr. P is the perfect addition to the M family!  Such a sweet baby and he has the best big sister to look after him.  She was all ready to take pictures with him and patiently sat nearby to make sure I was taking good care of him.

P made his appearance almost a month early, but is doing amazing.  I just fell in love with all of his features, especially his perfectly chunky cheeks and I know you will too!

Congratulations M family!

Nicole~ Burr Ridge Newborn Photographer/Gina Cristine Photography

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Can I tell you a secret?  One of my favorite things about being a Joliet newborn photographer is that it guarantees me a spot at meeting my friends baby’s right away and I get to soak up lots of snuggles!

Mr C comes in as number four and welcomed into a house full of lots of love.  His brothers and sister are sure to show him the ropes!  His session couldn’t have gone any better and I’m so happy for my friends.

Nicole ~ Joliet Newborn Photographer/Gina Cristine Photography

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A couple weeks ago I got an idea to ask some of the most amazing women I know how they balance being a working mom or control the guilt feeling. I asked at home working moms, moms who work 40+ hours a week downtown, moms who work part time, moms who own businesses, moms who went back to school….

And the response was so epic. Some made me laugh, some made me cry, and some made me nod my head and know I was not alone.

I will be sharing hopefully once a week a few responses I received.

If you read this and have something to add, please comment below or even email me your tips, stories, or questions! Let’s make this an open conversation to let each other know we got each others back in this crazy journey of motherhood. Moms supporting moms over judging each other is a beautiful thing.

This Friday I am sharing one that surprised us both. I love that it got her thinking and she added more after her initial response, and that it made me tear up a bit! Thanks Laura, you are amazing!

Being a mom, a wife and a business professional, there’s always a never-ending daily to-do list. The most important to-do is to take time for yourself every day because you deserve it! No guilt, no shame, no hiding-well, unless you want that last piece of your kid’s chocolate…
-Laura, Tax Professional
Mom to 2 daughters, ages 10 and 8
*On a side note, over the last year I have been working towards obtaining another professional designation that required four separate exams, countless hours of studying and sacrifice in all aspects of life. I was still expected to be a mom, a wife and hold down a full time job, working downtown every weekday. I spent nights and weekends studying at my kitchen table, the library or on the sidelines at my girls’ sporting events and activities, feeling horrible about putting myself first. 
However, I knew that if I succeeded, my girls would see first hand why it’s important to never stop learning and never give up. Guess who were my biggest supporters? Guess who wrote me encouraging notes before each exam? Guess who kept me in line and made sure I studied? Yep, my girls. 
Did I pass each exam the first time I took it? No, but I knew I couldn’t let them see me quit. So I kept at it, spending more time away from them to study than I had planned to and retook the exams I had failed. 
When I found out I passed my last exam right before Christmas, I made sure I was home that day to get them from the bus. My first words to them were, “Thank you for your patience and love over the last year. I know it hasn’t been easy and I haven’t always been here.” 
(Insert my oldest saying, “Did you fail this one, Mom?”) With a smile, I responded, “No, girls, I passed. I’m done!” and the looks on their faces were priceless. It was like the scene from Home Alone when Kevin realizes his family is gone-my girls ran around the house screaming and yelling. I joined them as well-it was a momentous occasion!
As concerned as I was that I would be “hurting” my girls by not being with them when I should have been and taking time for me and to further develop myself, if they were upset, they got over it. Their love was magnified by the support they gave me and more often than not, they wanted to talk with me about the event or activity I may have missed in more detail than if I was there. 
As working moms, we force ourselves to fit this “perfect” mold and be 100% present and accountable in all aspects of our lives. It’s impossible and there needs to be give and take. Most of the time, we personally suffer as we feel the guilt of focusing on ourselves. Think about it- when was your last hair appointment, nail appointment, exercise class, shopping trip alone, hot cup of coffee, bubble bath? This list can go on and on… learn to say no without regret and do something for you! It’s taken me a long time to understand and act on this and I can only say I wish I did it sooner!
(A bit long winded, but you got me thinking and reflecting this morning!)😘

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